Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

FOROM AYITI : Tèt Ansanm Pou'n Chanje Ayiti.
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Nombre de messages : 4753
Age : 47
Localisation : USA
Opinion politique : Homme de gauche,anti-imperialiste....
Date d'inscription : 21/08/2006

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Mrs. Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue, known as "Flore Lindor" on the radio, is the first Haitian to be appointed commissioner in the Florida Commission on the Status of Women in Tallahassee. She is the current Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Association of Exchange and development of Activities and Partnership, (AEDAP). This organization has recently held its first leadership retreat in Miami on September 28 -29, 2007. Flore is also a very talented radio host. She has been working on commercial as well as community radio in Miami Dade County for over 10 years. She completed a PhD program in Leadership and Higher Education at Barry University last year. She is the wife of Roland "Andy "Latortue. The couple has two beautiful children, 5-year-old LucPhillipe and 10-month-old Raphael. Flore was nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule and grant Coeur FM this exclusive interview. We are delighted to share it with you.

Cœur -FM – Flore, you wearing many hats: you are a commissioner, a radio host, and currently the CEO/ Executive Director of AEDAP; in which one of these functions you feel more comfortable?

MFLL – Honestly, I see myself as the Executive Director of AEDAP only. I feel this is where I should exhibit my leadership interests and continuous growth in discovering and understanding leadership.

Coeur –FM -- Can you provide a brief history of AEDAP?

MFLL – AEDAP, originally "Association et Encadrement Pour Le Développement De L'Arrière Pays", was founded in February 1982 by my father, Jean Th. Lindor, a native of Cavaillon, southern Haiti. For Jean, “aka St. Jean”, the vision was simply a desire to create a better environment through several development programs for the less fortunate. My dad conducted several trainings in the areas of education, health, arts and crafts, sports, and social activities. In 1998, Jean provided power of attorney to me, to continue his dream. AEDAP is composed of professionals, clinicians, priests, pastors, and youth groups. We are joining together so that we can meet with existing organizations to launch and support grassroots projects.

Furthermore, continuing my father's work is a big challenge. After 25 years, I finally feel ready to lead AEDAP. Do you realize how many years it took us to have our first fundraising? The first steps are very hard for some people, but I feel we are among those who take time to make first steps. We often do not value patience; however, it is the key and it gives us strength to start the right way.

Cœur -FM – What are the purpose and the ultimate goal of your organization?

MFLL – The goal of AEDAP is to continue teaching people about our mission and to share our vision with everyone. First, we strive to sponsor small development projects in Haiti and the United States. Sponsorship can start as a small amount of $100.00 US and up. Unfortunately, through the years we’ve lost credibility and trust in one another. Therefore, we rather provide sponsorship to people/ organizations that are willing to report how they spend the award that they receive. I think this is one way to invest back in human being. Second, we want to work with youngsters 5-18 years old and teaching them the importance of leadership through moral value seminar on Abstinence. Last but not least, because of my experience in media and the challenges that radio hosts face, I feel that it's important to support media representatives. That is not to create any media association, because I do not have the expertise in this area. Nonetheless, we wish to support media hosts that are involved in charitable initiatives.

Cœur -FM – How do you plan in reaching these goals?

MFLL – We were able to reach our first goal this year. We sponsored three organizations in Haiti and we officially awarded three organizations with $500.00 US each for the 2007-2008 period. Although the amount might appear small, it can certainly do something for a small project in Haiti. Do you know how many children can be fed, at least for a month, with $500.00 US? We plant the seed so that someone can be supported for the rest of the year. Thus, every year in September we will raise funds to be donated.

Cœur -FM – Did your father influence your view in terms of the objective of the organization—If so, how?

MFLL – My dad planted the seed but things changed after 25 years. As you can see, originally the focus was only on the peasants, the less fortunate in Cavaillon, but I came up with the partnership approach. Hence our slogan, "Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities". Mostly community starts at home with your family members and your friends. You may be able to judge for yourself that our first event targeted friends and family first and then opened slightly to the members of the community.

Cœur -FM – Why do you choose AEDAP as the only place to show your leadership skills?

MFLL – I feel that with AEDAP I can continuously be open to others and offer a platform to facilitate dialogue, which is one of our missions.

Cœur -FM – The headquarter of your organization is in Miami. Do you have any branches in other places?

FMLL – We are indeed based in Miami. Honestly even after 25 years we are still at the Infant stage. Nonetheless, we have representatives in different countries such as: France, United States, Haiti, and Canada. Our vision is to create structured chapters that are well trained to continue the legacy and apply the concept effectively.

Cœur -FM – How do you manage to reach different groups within the Haitian population, both at home and abroad?

FMLL – The concept is to create events and hold retreats so that we can reach different people from different groups. Through one night retreat with AEDAP, you are giving the opportunity to meet one person whom you did not know before.

Cœur -FM – What does it mean for the Haitian community to have Flore Lindor as a commissioner in the Florida Commission on the Status of Women in Tallahassee?

MFLL – It has been an opportunity to share my knowledge with a group of wise women from different ethnic groups and background. On a personal note, the most important thing that the commission does is to educate me in understanding the real meaning of women leadership and women empowerment. I hope to take those learned skills and use them for the betterment of my community. Further, through the commission I am very involved in the Florida Women Hall of Fame. Every year only three women in the entire state are selected by the governor. We referred them to the governor to be acknowledged for their contribution in the entire state and for their community work or leadership initiatives.

Cœur -FM – What messages do you want to send to the Haitian youth in particular and the population in general?

FMLL – Regardless of the number of years it may take you to reach your dream; the most important thing is to start, to try as many times as you can, to stay focus with you set goal, to ask God for guidance, and to find the right partners. When you are not afraid to share a concept and to refer to others that may be more equipped than you, it would be easy to experience growth, and that would be a good start.

Cœur -FM – If you were to use your own words to introduce yourself to the public, what would you say?

MFLL – First of all, let me thank Coeur FM for this invitation. I am Flore, a professional woman, a mother, a wife, a radio host, a friend, a commissioner—Just Flore.

Picture Credit: Carl’s Conner /

NOTE: Picture was slightly modified by COEUR FM
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