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 Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti

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MessageSujet: Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti   Sam 10 Mai 2008 - 16:10

South Florida
Haiti needs help now
South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

May 8, 2008

ISSUE: Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti.

Haiti's food crisis is a threat to its national stability. It is better to assist and bolster relief efforts now than wait until the country spirals out of control, making the task more costly and onerous.

That's why President Bush should take the advice of a bipartisan group in Congress that is calling for the United States to send $60 million in emergency aid and food assistance to the impoverished country. President René Préval could use the resources immediately for an anti-hunger program that could stave off a humanitarian disaster.

The congressional group led by U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., also wants the president to send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Haiti to demonstrate the United States' commitment to rebuild the country. Bush would be wise to make Haiti, a failed state that sits in our backyard, one of his priorities in his remaining months in office.

The president has ignored calls for Haitian refugees to receive temporary protected status, which would allow a limited group already in the United States to work temporarily and send support to their families in Haiti during this ongoing food crisis.

Gov. Charlie Crist and Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., should join the chorus of those encouraging the president to grant the TPS designation and provide humanitarian aid. Florida would be the state most affected if Haitian refugees hit the high seas headed for the United States, and it's in the state's best interest to lead in this effort.

It's smarter to help Haiti now than deal with an immigration crisis in the future.

BOTTOM LINE: The president should help Haiti now, not wait for a greater emergency.
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MessageSujet: Re: Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti   Sam 10 Mai 2008 - 17:26

Stop giving them some fishes when the're hungry ;give them some fish-hooks so they can catch the fishes themeselves.For the last 50 years how much money have the U.S.government and its agencies : IMF, BID.World bank given to the haitian government?Why haiti is still the poorest country of this hemisphere?The haitians are not lazy.

When the United States was buying their bananas,coffee, kokoa, cotton, sisal,sugar haitians were poor ,but they were living with dignity in their country.You're not helping them when you depress the prices of their products and augment the prices of everything they import from the United States.You're not helping them when you subsidize your rice growers and dump it to their market at a price lower than the cost to produce the same quantity in haiti.You're not helping them when you destabilize their country because you do not approuve the way their elected government is acting to alleviate the conditions of the poors.You're not helping them when you're buying their pieces of clothing from manufacturers who are paying the workers less than 2 dollars per day.You're not helping them when you ask them them to pay 52 millions dollars in interest annualy for loans that everybody knows were siphoned off the treasury by corrupt governments that you help to oppress them.

If we were sincere we would start by forgiving the loans they're paying.We would help them solve their energy problems by building some nuclear plants on the island so they stop cutting trees to produce charcoal.we will help them build railroad that crosses the island so they will use less oil and gasoline.We wil help them build some vocational schools like the school of Shata near the town of Plaisance;it was buildt during the american occupation;the young haitians could learn a trade so they will not have to sell drugs.we should build some hospitals like the one Dr Farmer has buildt in the mountain of the Central department.

We are thankful to the Congressmen and Congresswomen who want to help.But it is time that we admit that to send them a little money from time to time is not the right way to help the poor haitians.Look at what happened to the rice the government of Brazil sent recently;it is reported that the rice is transported to the dominican republic to be sold by the businessmen who want to maintain the high price in haiti.

The same way Shada was exploiting the sisal and rubber fields in haiti in the 40's and early 50's we can used these fertile lands to produce more food for the poor.The crisis in Haiti is the result of the failure of the past governments to invest in agriculture while the population is increasing.It is necessary that we help them control the birth rate.This time bomb will explode if we do not take care of overpopulation in the world,particularly in poor countries of Africa and the Americas.Democracy can not flourish where people can not eat; it is an utopia.
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Members of Congress want humanitarian aid sent to Haiti
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