Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti
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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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 “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”

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“Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”  Empty
MessageSujet: “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”    “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”  EmptyDim 4 Déc 2011 - 14:18

“Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”, says Minister Supplice

Saturday, 03 December 2011 16:31

.. .MIAMI, USA ( - “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora, not in terms of money, but also of experience gained abroad to be given back to Haiti, to develop the country”, stated Minister of Diaspora, sociologist Daniel Supplice speaking at 10th anniversary ceremony of Haitian American Coalition Professionals (HAPC) Friday Dec 2, in Miami-Dade College.

“Let me tell you that Haitian government is proud of you, we thank you for sending money in Haiti to help children go to school, pay mortgage, buy food, medication, the government thank you for all your support to Haitian people but we want more from you, more of your experience and commitment to help developing Haiti”, stated Diaspora Minister, Daniel Supplice announcing that Haitian government is establishing structures enabling Diaspora members to serve their home country.

The sociologist was the keynote speaker at 10th anniversary ceremony of Haitian American Coalition Professionals (HAPC) Friday Dec 2, in Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus. The professionals coalition, founded by Yves Jodesty and presently ran by Richard Champagne (Esq) was celebrating10 years or Leadership, Unit and Community service.

However, many community leaders, Haitian American officials and professionals came last night to hear what the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad had to say.

In this occasion, Mr. Supplice, on behalf of Haitian government, thanked Haitians who make the country proud.
He mentioned Miami-Dade District Commissioner Jean Monestime,
North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre,
former North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin,
North Miami Police Chief Marc Elias,
Miami Police Commander Gary Eugene,
Richard Champagne (HAPC President),
Gepsie Mettelus (Sant la),
Marleine Bastien (FANM),
Lucie Tondreau (Banm dwa m),
Farah Larrieux, and so on.

“My first step as Minister was to make Haitians understand the importance of Diaspora.
It’s not only the money you send, but also the positive image you cast to the world, showing that Haiti is not only Papa Doc, Tonton Macoute, voodoo, Lavalas, and all that can sound negative.

Haiti is you too, lawyers, doctors, engineers, all professionals serving the community. That’s too is Haiti”, declared the Minister applauded by the audience.

This December 2, Daniel Supplice has made many promises to Diaspora like getting constitutional amendment with dual nationality articles published.
“I’m going to intercede with President Martelly for that”, he said.

Mr. Supplice also promised to bring all Diaspora’s complaints and recommendations to the Head of state.

The Minister announced that night what he called “great news”:
the Diaspora’s right to vote and to choose the leaders of Haiti through fair elections.

“But it won’t be possible if some structures are not established before, as to register Haitians living abroad, to give them the National ID card (CIN)”, adds Supplice.

Diaspora Minister called his listeners to know that there is a also suffering Diaspora.
“When you say Diaspora, people tend to think of fellows in US or Canada, but there are Haitians in Dominican Republic, Turk&Caicos, Guyana, they too are Diaspora and many are suffering, some are considered stateless.

For those, we want to launch the identification program to give them a document recognizing them as our own”, explained the sociologist.

Two offices for Diaspora’s registration will be set, one in Dominican Republic, another in Miami, announced the Minister adding that “Miami’s Diaspora is one of the most active”.

In his first trip abroad after taking office, Minister of Diaspora, Daniel Supplice has visited for two weeks Haitian communities in New-York and Miami, the two largest in United States.

Jonel Juste, Miami, FL

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“Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”    “Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”  EmptyDim 4 Déc 2011 - 15:36

We're willing to help but it is up to the government to built the channels for our contributions to reach our people.For example:haitians can contribute to the development of the agricultural sector , the tourism sector. the energy sector,the garbage management sector ; the potable water distribution by forming companies that can provide these services.It is a disgrace for all haitians to hear that it is an Irish busenissman who is forming Digicel ;it is a vietnam company that holds the majority of shares of teleco.It is a Corean businessman who is taking advantage of the hope law.Why ?don't we have 75 millions dollars to invest in our country?

I think the role of this Ministery is to help haitians understand that it is their responsibility to develop their country by putting their money together to form businesses that can produce the goods and services the country needs.Why can't Alexis and Dejoie put their heads together to form a corporation like Tyson food, delmonte, Kraft, etc.Why our electrical engineers can not form a corporation to exploit the solar energy that is so abundant in the country?Why can't we form a company like Waste Management to collect garbages in our streets?

The Minister of the diaspora has a role to educate haitians about the way a modern economy functions.How to form partnerships ,corporations, sole proprietorships to produce goods and services in the country.We don't have to be president, Prime Minister, Ministers, Ambassadors,Consuls,Secretaries to help the country.Why do we have 50.000 haitian students in the dominican republic?Where are our "zentelektyels."?Minister Supplice can help by publishing regularly the names of serious entreprenors who are looking for partners to form corportaions, partnerships to produce goods and services in the country.One of my problems right now is to find good companies who can pay me a nice dividend on my money so it can last until I die.Haiti can offer this benefit to all the haitian american retirees.
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“Haitian Government wants more from its Diaspora”
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