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Forum Haiti : Des Idées et des Débats sur l'Avenir d'Haiti

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 Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas?

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Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas? Empty
MessageSujet: Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas?   Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas? EmptyLun 25 Jan 2016 - 22:00

Haiti's Martelly and His Henchman Set the Stage for Tragedy

Let's think about the evil absurdity of the crisis playing out in Haiti, and the complicity of international forces that set the stage for this looming tragedy five years ago.

President Michel Martelly of Haiti is refusing to leave office on February 7 when his term is up.
The former musician was installed by voter fraud perpetrated by the U.S. in late 2010.
The fraud was condoned and executed by a "core group" of U.S. and other foreign observers who engaged in creative manipulating of vote tallies to ensure that Martelly was in the run-off.

Pierre-Louis Opont, the president of Haiti's Election Commission (CEP), admitted as much in July 2015 when he confirmed the accusations of Former OAS Ambassador Ricardo Seitenfus about vote fixing.

Last July Opont accused the OAS, the United States, and specifically Cheryl Mills, the Chief of State for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the fraud.

Opont says he gave the official vote count to the group of OAS international observers and the group then gave results different than what were passed to them.

In an interview with Radio Television Caraibes this week Seitenfus was blunt. "Since Mrs. Clinton was well involved in the 2010-2011 decisions, if we started badly, we must end well.
That is to say, February 7 President Michel Martelly must leave, and (Haiti) should have a new president," he said.

Martelly has such a strong-hold on the country that the current election process was co-opted by real and perceived voter fraud, causing candidate Jude Celestin to refuse to participate in a runoff against Martelly's hand picked successor, the Banana Man, Jovenel Moise.

Celestin is standing firm and is encouraging civil society, including business and church leaders, to conclude a vote postponement is in the best interests of Haiti. The Senate also supported a non-binding motion to postpone.

Martelly's henchman and right hand guy, Guy Philippe, a Haitian Senate candidate whose runoff was also delayed, is calling for an uprising if Martelly is forced out. Elections are in chaos and Haiti stands on the brink of civil war.
Here is the kicker, the denouement, and the culmination of this centuries old tragedy.

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Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas? Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas?   Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas? EmptyMar 26 Jan 2016 - 6:23

An GIZ GI FILIP mouri POUL li lan GRANDANS lan ,pou yo bliye l ,li pito ap fe MENAS.

An 2005,2006 te gen anpil ATIK ki te pibliye sou misye lan PRES AMERIKEN an lan JOUNAL tankou HUFFINGTON POST,NEW YORK TIMES ,SALON MAGAZINE elt...

Apre sa te gen yon AKALMI.Men misye ap fe yo pale de li anko.
Si se "handler" misye yo lan CIA ki ap fe misye souke KO l se pou misye di yo li pa p achte sa y ap vann lan.

Y ap lage misye tankou yon PATE CHO ,menm jan yo fe l pou ESKADWON LANMO lan AMERIK SANTRAL ak kek peyi lan AMERIK di SID yo.

Men misye fe HUFFINGTON POST ap ekri sou li toujou.Yon sel bagay AMERIKEN yo ka ize misye se pou misye kreye ANACHI pou yo ka fe sa yo pa ta ka fe ;men tou yo ka tou sakrifye misye lan bagay sa a.

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Eske se pou Mateli Gi Filip ap fè menas?
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